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bOS Client on Windows 11

Frank Nilsen 3 years ago in bOS Client updated by Pascal Platteel 3 years ago 9


The bOS client does not seem to be working in Windows 11
I hve tested it on two different Win 11 machines with the same result.
Have tested both version 4.8.20 and the beta 4.8.21.

The client installs and starts OK, but when I add the connection info and click connect, it just displays an "Can't connect securly to this page" 

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we will check the issue with the latest Windows release, in the mean time you can use web browser to access Configuration.

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Any news on this?


we're still working on developing the app for the latest windows. It might take a while so please try using browser in the meantime. There will be an announcement regarding this as well.

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bOS configurator also has these TLS security issues on Windows 11.

I found the issue. bOS still relies on TLS 1.0 (should be updated asap by the way to TLS 1.2 or higher!).

Windows 11 by default blocks TLS 1.1 or lower.

To fix the problem, launch Internet Properties, go to Advanced and select Use TLS 1.0.

Thanks Pascal.

TLS1.0 works fine as a temporary solution.


Any news with this topic?

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there should be a new official release next week, addressing this and many other issues that occurred.

If you will want the new release, make sure your linux is updated (if you are running jigsaw/colibri) or have updated .net (at least 4.7.2) on your windows machine.

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The issue seems to be fixed in version 4.9.0