change of hardware

Henri Dumay 3 years ago in bOS Server updated by Hanan Assedo Chan 2 years ago 3

I suggest to make transfer of hardware little less a nightmare . You can do it via opening ticket in support like if it was a bug. Which means that in case of hardware failure you are in trouble.

Import didn't work I had to copy the old building directory into new server (think of also saving that preciously because if you think you are protected with back up you are not, when I see how painful it was to transfer the license I cannot imagine how easy it would be to get hep on that topic )

After you have to update all application phone table and other medium of the family, with a system that does not allow you to check password entered (which is so nice when you used secure randomly generated password and not "smarthome"). Redo the alexa setting and I dot not know what else if you have connected more. 



Just my 2 cents.

I have had to change hardware too few times, I dont know what was wrong with your backups but you should Restore backups not import if its a new install. Import is when you want a single node from the backup. 
And usually it takes an hour for Comfortclick to transfer the new id in my experience. They need to know the new Machine ID and old site/bOS server ID. You dont need to register the new install before they have transfered the bOS ID/license just send them the new machine ID and it will be registered under the old site ID with the new machine ID.

I try to search change of hardware on this forum I found nothing. 

Now I know the procedure. I just hope to not have harware failure on week end. But when you do not know the procedure it is very easy to destroy your configuration.

It is also questionnable that buying a license to use a software on your own hardware means you have to pay extra for using on different hardware and stop using on previous harware. I have other licensed with other providet and there are either transferable (like you remove an hardware and allow a new one) on your own or used movable usb key. Especially that it is not a software you can share usage easily

At one point I managed to create a wrong hardware situation with a "report" button, that I used, It was promising that reporteing it will get a fix. So I was hopping either it would be fixed or I would get contacted for fix.

I waited few hours next morning nothing happens, so i wrote to info to ask them about it and i was asked to create a ticket. I tried to explain my problem but it took times for them to tell me exactly what they need and they could not open a .msg file.that was containing all the informations they needed..

So may be it is easy after you have discovered the procedure or if it was explained properly before doing it.


Did you solved it?

I'm also changed my hardware (New PC same SSD),and i get the message in the attached picture.