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Update Jigsaw

Niels Bulten 3 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 3

I cannot update Jigsaw.
After starting Config it tells me update or download old config.
Update will give a blank screen download old config will give me acces.

Try to change internet settings (told on the forum) with DNS of google. but i cannot make changes.
It tells me i am not connected with wifi but i am...

Configurator is 4.8.20 server is 4.8.5

How can i solve this?


I dont think you can use 4.8.20 client with 4.8.5 server, they both need to be on the same version.

In your server install folder there should be another Install folder - Install that client (4.8.5) and then try again. If it connects, update your server and client again.

i did it connects but than no update availible...

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contact us as support@comfortclick.com and we'll schedule a remote session and resolve the problem together.

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