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Analog log threshold limits - No documentation

Paul G 3 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 3 years ago 2


BOS documentation states the following for analog logs:

HighLowThresholds: Separate high limit and low limits. If Input Value > Higher Limit output is set to True. If Input Value < Lower Limit output is set to False

Well, the question is what BOS does when the input value is between the higher limit and the lower limit, there is no documentation for such at all. THere are three possible outcomes, but again, no documentation, anyone knows this?

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you probably mean Analog Threshold? In between these values, it doesn't do anything, basically it works as histeresys. When the input value is higher than "Higher Limit" the output is set to True, and it stays on True until the input value is lower than "Lower limit", then the output is set to False.

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Here is how i use Threshold values. Here i control Ventilations sup/ext speeds by CO value. Client can set its threshold threshold and max. The low is not used in this case. An alarm message is made if the value is at max or over. If its in the threshold or higer the ventilation will turn on. if its under it does nothing return to normal mode.