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Ghita Laurentiu 3 years ago in General updated by Bert Porter 3 years ago 4

Hello Everybody,

I am trying to display some webpage in one of the tabs of my app by using the "Web Browser" option but I am getting the error mentioned in the title. I know the story behind, that the page code can be modified, but I cannot modify the page as I am trying to display an Internet website. Is there any trick to be made which allows me displaying this kind of web pages?

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Nobody faced this problem before?

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due to certificate issues, not all https webpages will be displayed. http pages should work normally though.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your answer. As now most of the pages are https, is there any way to make specific pages to be loaded as well? Something like "trusted sites" or something.


I have this same question. It doesn't appear an answer was ever given.