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Description for all settings

Stephan Wehner 3 years ago in General updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1


i'm looking for a manual which describes all setting. (for example: Alexa API settings)

I like Jigsaw really. But for a newbee it takes a lot of time to figure out how something work's.

In the example of Alexa on the WebSite with light is for my opinion the simples way.

But how it works with slidingdoors. Which settings i habe to choose? 

It's some demo's yes, but they are not state of the newest version of bos-configurator.

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heading over to our web page and our knowledge base would be the best way to get all the info you need to get started with your projects and bOS.

Every node in the Configurator app is explained there with video tutorials on the main nodes as well.

Our Youtube channel provides a ton of info, step by step instructions as well. We try to provide as much info, but there is no way we can show how every device is implemented. It also depends how you're planning on controlling your sliding doors as well...

Our forum community is very active as well, where people from all over the world, working with different projects with different skill-sets come and help each other out.


Best regards.