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Authentication disabled: no way to connect to Jigsaw

LAVERGNE CHRISTOPHE 3 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 3 years ago 6

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Good afternoon,

I try to set the parameter (in "Users") Authentication -> Enabled to False. But since this time, I don't have access to the server. 

Why, and how to login again?

Thanks a lot

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you will have to connect to the configuration with the other user as bOS will not allow you to disable all Administrator users, one admin user must always exist to connect to the configuration.

I didn't have this message, and at this time i cannot login to the server.

Then you must have another Admin account that should work. Login with that account and enable the User account again.

Hum, I think I lost the password. Is there a way to reset the device?


you can factory reset the Jigsaw server by pressing and holding the reset button for ~10s.

Please note; this will remove the current configuration as well, so if you don't have a backup, this isn't recommended.

If you don't have the backup to the server, we can schedule a remote session and retrieve the Building folder.

You already wrote to me directly, so i'll get back to you there with the credentials.

Best regards,