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Wehner Stephan 3 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Stephan Wehner 3 years ago 5


i try to use node control like shown in the Demo, to control settings of our heat.

i do not find any way how this work in my bos control.

in the demo, if i will add an object, it shows node control. in my development

it shows only panel link. so what do i wrong.

hope anyone can help me.


What's the control you're seeing in the Demo?

There are two types of controls that might look similar, but actually are a little bit different:

- Mode (which can be used to enumerate values, link them to an heating mode address for example, and when pressed it shows a pop-up to choose a value between those you have defined)

- Node control (to enable a pop-up form, and have other types of controls inside that form)

Which one are you looking for? So we can guide you trough.

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Hi, it‘s under Theme/Settings/Panel heating.

there i van set preserved, off, 3 more and sterile. 

Hope this description help.

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You can make a Control panel that opens in a new window if you hold the button down longer. Select the thermostat button - Set Enable Form to True. 

Then make a Control panel and add your new buttons/modes in there. And Link it with the thermostats Form panel. 

Hi Jürgen,

that's not what I try to do. I have 5 Buttons in a form.
Buttons: Anwesend, Abwesend, Schlafen and Aus. 
If i click one of them, the actully Button goes from active to deactive

Here are two screenshots out from the demo


Hope this help's to understand what i want to do.

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thank's for all your help. Now it work's like described in Jürgen's post.