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Holidays and Vacation input through front-end

Paul G 3 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 7 months ago 7


It seems, after searchign in manuals and forums, there is no ability to allow inputing holidays or vacation days through the BoS app, the only way to input holidays and vacations is through the BOS Configurator. 

Is this right_ If so this is weird, not allowing to input a BOS client update its vacations or bank holidays through the front end - or even through an API accessing the typical government site that gives you details of bank holidays.

Has anyone done the above? It feels quite basic

any thoughts?

Under review


we haven't received requests for this, but vacation/holiday selection in the client app is a good function to add.

We'll add it to our develop plan and we'll try to release it with the future updates.

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Glad to see that coming in the pipeline, surprised no one asked, maybe someone found a work around, just weird how clients input such. I must think that is probably because the integrators do not programme functions based on whether you are on holidays or vacation or work, which seems wrong to me. Like it is so basic that for example someone can build a function that does different things subject to what type of day it is, for which the client needs to be able to allow you to input bank holidays through the app. For example, on a bank holiday, which changes every year on each country, you might want to stop shades automation when the sun rises, because it is more than likely you are sleeping.


is ther any new informations about an API or at least an front-end funktion to input holidays and Vacation?
Also the possibility to link this to an ical calendar would be a nice feature.

Best regards Max


Hello Maximilian,

although the idea was added into the pipeline, it wasn't the highest priority, but I'll try and push it more so the release comes faster.

Best regards.

hi there - Is there any update on this please? It is a real pain for customers to require to log-in in the server to input holidays and time off, Has anyone come up with another solution?