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Jigsaw 4.8.14 (Mono version: | KNX v2) Problems

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 3 years ago in bOS Server updated 3 years ago 4


I've updated my Jigsaw bOS version to 4.8.14 a few days ago, but today I've decided to update the Linux and KNX interface.

The Linux got the Mono upgraded from version to version and the KNX interface from v1 to v2.

The process ran without any problems, but right after that I've encountered some problems, even after reboot and reload:

  • Philips HUE API: I've had the API running for several months, using HTTPS commands, as stated on the API documentation. After today's Linux upgrade, it stopped working. I had to change to regular HTTP command rather than HTTPS. Don't understand why...
  • bOS RPC: I use the RPC for several things, and today it stopped working after the Linux upgrade. The funny thing, is that the local commands don't work. But I have IFTTT running some scenes remotely, and they work. So for me it doesn't make any sense... I have some local RPC command for testing, and they were working before this update.

Any advise?

I haven't checked yet other stuff I have configured, but I'm afraid to encounter more problems after this update.

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we'll check what's going on with the HTTP commands internally and see what's wrong.

Can you check if the RPC is enabled in bOS? Some servers had the problem where it was set to False after update...

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Yes, the RPC is enabled.

The funny thing is:

The RPC is working with Tasker (LAN address), and with IFTTT (remote DDNS address). But the functions I had internally, stopped working. I have some internal functions for testing purposes, so it's kind of bOS calling it's own RPC, which was working, but now it doesn't.

As for the HUE API: I have some KNX buttons calling some scenes and some hidden features of the HUE API, and they stopped working right after the Linux update. It only started working after I changed the HTTPS to HTTP on the commands.

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please contact me directly Ricardo at david.boben@comfortclick.com and i think we'll need to do a SSH session remotely to try and resolve the issue regarding the http/https issue.

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Hello David,

E-mail sent with the URL and port forward set up...