bOS configurator not connecting to remote Jigsaw

Jānis Konrads 3 years ago in General updated 3 years ago 6


I have a Jigsaw behind a LTE modem. I have configured port forwarding on the modem (8080->80, 8443->443 and 16100->16100). On a web browser I'm able to connect to the web interface via the forwarded ports 8080 and 8443 for https, but bOS configurator is reporting "error connecting to server". Am I missing any other port or specific configuration on the modem?


Is the LTE sim card in static mode or dynamic? Does port scan show that these ports are open to the WAN side? Some sim card providers limits port forwarding when you dont buy the static package or set it up as static.

Also if the ip is dynamic check if the Controller setting has it enabled. 
Login to Comfortclick and under the Controllers there is a option for that.

Thanks for the reply.

We are using a private APN network, so all of the modems have a static IP and all ports are available. As I noted, I'm able to get to the webinterface to port 80 (forwarder 8080) as well as port 433 (forwarder 8433). But the only problem is with the configurator, which does not connect.

Does the configurator IP have 8443 for the port too? Also check if its there under the controllers too, because if you use access id then it will take the ip from there. 

A bit of more detail. The Jigsaw was out of box installed in a cabinet and delivered to the customer. Maybe there was some initial configuration required, that has to be performed locally? And some images:

bOS configurator parameters:

Modem port forwarding:

Access via web browser:


So if the jigsaws local address is now, then you should make the port forwarding for the same address not for Try if this fixes it. And you only need 443 for https and configurator to work.

OK, the solution was to put the same local address in the Public address field as well. It looks like, that bOS configurator is only connected to the local address if the computer is in the same network as the Jigsaw, but if it's somewhere else, it uses the public address.