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Problem to open app bOS Client with iPhone 11 Pro

Pablo Lopez 3 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1

I have a client with 2 iPhones that cannot open the app. You have uninstalled it several times and it is not working for you. However, I can open it perfectly (I have Android). It happens on his smartphone and his wife's.

There are two iPhone 11 Pro with software version 14.3.

Please give me a hand because I don't know what to say to him anymore.

Thanks a lot. Greetings

Under review


is the server one of ours? Jigsaw, colibri or any other?

Did you try and remove the phone from the device list under the user in your bOS configurator? You can try and remove the device from the list so new token is created.

Best regards.