Presence Simulator - status of the circuits after simulation stop

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 3 years ago in bOS Server updated by Noel Fuentes 3 years ago 4


To be honest I've never used the Presence Simulator node on bOS.

But some of my customers are asking for it, so I decided to test it out first.

The thing I've noticed right away, is that when I stop the simulator, every circuit of that simulator is turned off, even if have them on. The same applies for the shutters (0-100%), they are left completely opened as they receive the 0% value.

It could make sense on lights to let them turned off, but probably not on shutters. Probably the best way would be let them be in their last position before the simulation is stopped.

So this means, that if I place every shutter of a house on a presence simulator, when I stop the simulator ALL the shutters of that simulator will be left open.

Any workaround on this? I don't want to end up by doing some logic to close the shutters after the simulator stops, but I guess I'll have to if needed. 

I guess that the customers will be worried to know that the shutters will be opened after ending the simulation.

Please advise.

Best regards

Hello again,

I've made some further tests, and found more weird stuff:

I've selected just a single shutter for demo purposes, set the shutter to 50% on the device list, and turned on the simulator, with a 1 minute interval (tried with 2m, 5m, same result).

Every time the time elapses, and the simulator sends a random value to the shutter, coincidence or not it's always sending 50% or 49% for a long period... which leds the shutter to actually don't move.

Example with just one shutter selected:

Example with two shutters with 5 minute interval:

Please note that the 1/2/5 minute interval is just for demo and testing purposes, it's not going to be used in real situations.

Isn't it supposed to be sending completely random values?

Best regards

Hello Ricardo,

I've used the presence simulation task on a few projects, but only with lights. When you set a dimmer light to a given value on the device list, when the simulaton is running bOS sets that light to that value. After the configured period, it should set it to 0% (depending on the number of lights set, etc.). This happens when the simulation stops too. ON/OFF lights work this way aswell.

I've never used shutters on the simulation task. Instead, I use some logic to move them. I.e. at dusk, I set them to 80% (or any value configured by the client) and I start simulation. At sleep time I set them to 100% (set by the client aswell) and stop simulation. At dawn I set them to 0% (again, set by the client). I think our customers like this way of doing it.

Hope it helped.

Best regards

Hi Noel,

Thanks for your feedback.

I guess that I'll have to spend some time on creating some "real" behaviour, with tasks, logic and the simulators.

I'll take some of your ideas and probably compiled them with other stuff.

Thanks for the tips.

Best regards

Hi Ricardo,

You are right, you might need logic tasks to make that behaviour more real. I use random numbers to delay dusk and sleep time, so the simulation starts and stops at different times every day. You can repeat this on every room you want to simulate presence so every room has different timing.

Let us know how you finally make it.

Best regards