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Server 4.8.5 changes default colours from 4.5

Paul G 3 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 8


I had installed server version 4.5, after upgrading to 4.8.5 all the icons have been changed the colour I had in previous version, there´s definitively something the new version 4.8 has changed that has fallen through the cracks of testing.

See below

Previously in version 4.5 (below are just objects that refer to an scene)

Image 2966

Version 4.8 destroys the configuration and every single object pointing to a scene becomes hidden -this is because the icon text shows up with no value

Image 2967

This now yields to changing more than 50 places where such objects linking to scenes are present, surely this must have been picked up in QA testing......it happened as well with translations, where the logic was broken between previous versions, so definitively an issue with QA testing and testing cycles.

Any thoughts whether a fix will be available?



I can also confirm that I had the same problem, coming from a 4.7.0 stable version.

The updated messes with the Back Color, in dozens and dozens of controls.

In my case, as the installation is relatively small, I was able to restore each Back Color item one by one (by selecting the messed ones). But I understand that on an installation with loads of stuff it can be very painful.

Last version before update: Stable 4.7.0

Hardware: Jigsaw

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Yeah, same here. Some colors are messed up - empty. And Control panel linking does not work if its already linked to a theme. After every change i need to re-link them. 

Same here, I have had to re-link like 20 frames, and adjust colours in 50+ buttons/scenes. It is a pity such a great product faces this basic QA testing, which should be automated. BOS is a very good product but things like this kill us all.


Hi Guys,

Long time I didn't post anything. This time to say that I have no issue at all on my theme, despite the facts that it is a heavily loaded one in term of link, color and back color... Had a similar issue in one of the previous Beta (cannot remember which one).

I'm running it on a Grinder. a specific Jigsaw topic ?

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That's a good question...

Paul and Jürgen, what's your hardware?

Btw, can anyone explain the release notes? They are a little bit vague:

  • Gateway
  • Improved Performance
  • Large Configurations
  • Linux Upgrade
  • Knx IP Interface Upgrade

I assume that the linux upgrade, will be to update the main OS itself. Shall we do it? Do we get any extra stability? Is it better to stand still and not do anything if our hardware is stable?

As for the KNX IP interface upgrade, what is it for?

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bOS 4.8.5 on dell r340 server. For me the default timer's icons are also black.

I am using the BOS software on my own barebone HW.

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linux update not mandatory for now, but we recommend update linux OS as soon as possible as it will be mandatory for future updates, due to some OS components requirements (same as some windows applications require .net framework update in order to function).

If you want to update your software for KNX interface, make sure the linux is updated first, otherwise the update will not go trough.

Also make sure when upgrading system OS, do not power off the jigsaw or restart it, also make sure the internet connection is stable.

The update can take 1-2 hours (depending on your internet speed), wait for the server to reboot and a successful update message in the log.

KNX upgrade is a software upgrade for the KNX gateway on our Jigsaw, there should be some minor improvements in the overall KNX performance.

@paul G, can you email us your bOS backup before/after the update so we can check the issue with the colors?

We tested the update extensively before release and didn't get the icon bug in any of our projects

(Jurgen was the only one reporting this problem and we troubleshooted the issue extensively trying to identify the issue but we weren't able to recreate it)

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