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Using the solaredge integration

koen dils 3 years ago in General updated by Dejan Recek 3 years ago 2

Hi, I saw this topic: Solar Edge - Smart Home Building Automation Software - ComfortClick bOS 

But i'm unable to get it working/connecting. Is there some feedback or manual available to further troubleshoot this?

It doesn't seem to work via API calls. 

Thanks in advance.

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as you know there are many solar Edge devices, many of them use the same or similar addresses for control and feedback.

If we wanted to create a complete solar edge integration, we'd have to add dozens of very similar examples, so we created a simple/generic example that should work, with minor tweaks of course, with many solar edge devices.

We suggest to open the manual of your device and tweak the bOS settings, change the addresses if needed and test it out.

You can also re-use the visualisation panel that was created with the example as well.

Also make sure, bOS starts counting modbus addresses with 0 and not with 1 like many manufacturers and modbus readers, so this could also be one of the reasons your device may not response as intended.

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had similar issues not long ago with SolarEdge 17k inverter. I will be submitting a working example shortly...  It is important that ModBus over TCP is enabled in SolarEdge inverter settings which is only possible with installer access. Also the values are all returned as integer with scale factor as second parameter so calculation is necessary to get the right value.