register controller

Joke Hellemans 3 years ago in General updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 3 years ago 3

When registering a new controller I get the message that the Access ID is already registered, but it does not appear in my controller section. How do I fix this?

I think you need to change the Access id. Somebody beat you to it and is already using the same name.

When you change the Access id then it should register.

But it is the original access ID that is not registering. So I can't activate my license, without the license I thought I can not change the Access ID?

You can change the access id from the comfortclicks webage from under the controllers. 

I think your device id has changed or you did a full reinstall or hardware change so the bOS/machine id changed. Then you will need to contact bOS support with your device id/access id and only they can transfer the license to the new machine for a small fee.