Counter Log -and Analog Log based on Calculation task

Paul G 4 years ago in bOS Configurator 0


Either this is a possible bug or there is something we are missing, effectively a graph (counter or analog) seems not to be picking up the values coming out of a calculation

a) We have three water counters, all work fine and record the actual consumption perfectly. There is 1 counter for the total and two partial counters. Let's say we have Area A, Area B, and Total

b) To calculate the water consumption on a 4th area (area C), we basically do a calculation, because the fourth measure comes from the calculation of Counter C = Total counter - counter A - counter B

c) The calculation task seems to work fine, the variable 'Value' shows the calculation at any given time

The problem comes when painting and tracking the output of the calculation task. so a graph can be used to show the consumption of this area, whose consumption is calculated as explained. We cannot show a way to get a graph paint the actual consumption properly

Calculation task (correctly showing a value of 3, meaning, there has been 3 litres of water used)

Image 2857

Counter task using the Value variable of the Calculation Task (Used to paint the graph below)

Image 2858

Graph of the above (clearly incorrect, as the overall day consumption of this counter using the calculation is 

Image 2861

Counter task using the Int Value variable of the Calculation Task

Image 2859

Analog task using the Value variable of the Calculation Task

Image 2860