IFTTT Newest plans (damn...)

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 4 years ago in General 0

Hi everyone,

By now, probably everyone's already know the new plans from IFTTT. It was a matter of time for them to create a paid subscription. Not that I'm criticizing (the company needs to ear revenue, although they were sponsored by the multiple services companies).

From now on, they offer two plans (Standard and Pro).

Standard plan only allows to create 3 applets of our own. So for those who have multiple applets like me, we're downsized to 3 on the free plan.

It's a shame, but it was a matter of time.

I can either use Tasker, or keep it up with only 3 applets, so I'm not suitable for the Pro plan. The Pro plan is "cheap", but for me it doesn't make sense while I can use Tasker for my RPC integration.

I thought I would let you know...

Best regards

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