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Alexa/Google Home impossible to reconnect

De Landtsheer Vekeman-Marcelis 3 years ago in General updated by De Landtsheer Michael 3 years ago 4

Hello, since yesterday it's impossible to use Alexa or Google Home.

Impossible also to grant acces again ont both.

Anyone else have the same problem? or any idee how to grant it again?

Thanks and best regards.

same problem... post in general/account :-(((((

1) since yesterday I can't find the data concerning my

controller on my account of your site ?.

2) a security message appears "invalid certificate"
3) suddenly impossible to link the alexa application with comfortclick
anyone have this problem? thank


It should be fixed now, at least i could link it again.

Under review


we had some maintenance work done on the page and optimisation so it might have been down when you tried.
If the controller isn't in your account, linking with the alexa skill might be difficult.
If the controller is somehow missing from your comfortclick account, connect to the server via configurator, click Edit button on your license info, login into your account and click Update at the bottom. Also make sure public access is enabled as it's required for alexa.

Best regards.

Hello, it's working again since yesterday evening. Thanks :D