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WOL - Shutdown - magic package - wake on lan - sleep

Paul G 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 3 years ago 15


The bOS comes with a function to remotely shut-down, sleep or wake a computer, however it is unclear which methid it uses, as it has ramifications on network or operating system

Method 1 - bOS generates a operating system shutdown command, e.g. shutdown /s /m \\myremotePC /t 5

Method 2 - bOS generates an actual LAN network message and drops it on the network

As the bOS method does not seem to work, have tried multiple things, in order to ring-fence the possible root causes. Can you please confirm which method bOS uses to leverage remote switch-on/sleep of computers pleasE?


Hi, is there any update on this as there is no documented details. thnks

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make sure the computer information is set correctly in the bOS Configurator (ip and mac).

Also make sure bOS Client application is installed PC as the commands go trough the Client application to power/sleep the device.

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For me the shutdown and sleep functions works, but wake on lan does not work. Mac and ip is correct. 

Thanks, I am sorry, but that does not make any sense nor maps to the current behaviour

a) The function knows whether the computer is up or down without (power.value) the need to install the bOS client on the other side. This is expected, as this only requires a ping done by the computer object.

b) A server running on Linux or any non-windows OS would not work correctly, or simply any device with a LAN card

c) When the function is executed, Sleep, Shutdown, Wake up, the server recognises the execution and attempts to execute any of those functions, however, there is no trace no details on how it operates

d) Generating a magic package is standard in every mid-level network devices (e.g. switch, router, hub), if I was gonna put a packet sniffer on the server I am sure I'd encounter the actual generation of a command that travels the network but unable to extract the details.

We go back to the original questions, there is only two methods in WOL protocol to switch-off a computer remotely, please confirm what the three functions that come defined by default actually do.

Hi ComfortClik team, Can you please shed some light on the process followed, there are some inconsistences as flagged previously. There's no need to have a client running on the target computer to check its status, by setting-up the correct data points the function knows the status. Additionally having a bOS client runnign on a target computer it is just not efficient at all, and as flagged inefficient, e.g. you're not gonna put a bOS client on NAS server running linux. WOL used only two methods, I am struggling to believe the Server cannot implement the issuance of a magic package, same as switches, hubs and routers have it implemented by default these days

Hi is there an update as per request on how the function actually works and why? thanks



great to hear those functions work. For wake on lan function, make sure you also have it enabled in the windows.

We'll also update the documentation regarding this to provide more info on this matter.


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Wrong, does not enough, WOL is usually -almost always- activated and dominated by the boot sector in the bios, so you can do whatever that post states and it will likely (99.95) still not work. You need to go to the boot sector in the bios to actually activate WOLAN, the bios normally has the WOLAN deactivated due to energy consumption regulations, needs to be FIRST activated in the bios, then parameters at LAN network interface handled.

I activated WOL in Bios and also from network adapter, sleep works but it does not wake it up from bOS after it goes to sleep. 

If is send wake up command from my other PC then it wakes up.

Thanks, but can you share how you have programmed it in bOS as it does not work on my end. Either screenshot or bos config file would be great. thanks.

Enter the PC's IP, then Mac with colons between them xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and finally select that PC from your user list.

Edit: also make sure the windows client is running on the PC you want to put to sleep 

Thanks, that part works for, so I assume you have a boolean button that then activates the mode. thanks


It's a shame that it can't be used on other devices who are not running bOS Client.

I have a NAS from QNAP, which runs Linux, and the wake on lan works from my Jigsaw, but the sleep / shutdown doesn't.

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agree, implementing WOL packages is very standard on any router, switch, even some low devices devices come with it these days; current coding is limiting

Team any change to get the WOL magic package to work without the need to have a client installed on those devices, in fact the "wake up" magic package works on devices who does not have the BOS client installed, however, the "sleep" magic package does not work, what seems inconsistent or simply an error somewhere. This is an easy fix, I am sure BOS has it coded, as the "wake up" magic package works, but not the sleep one!