Schedule using similar way as outlook calendar

DiLight-Smart Solution Ltd DiL 4 years ago in bOS Client updated 4 years ago 4

We have facing a request from many customer that the scheduling will be done by a similar way of outlook calendar. 

it much more simple to perform a scheduling this way.

there are other BMS application that using this methodology and that will be great to have such an option the future. 


Stopped working with Outlook several years ago (changed to Thunderbird actually).

Can you give us an example, and what your customers are really expecting?

I have lots of schedules on bOS, and honestly never had any troubles with them, they are pretty simple actually.

I asked once if the schedules could be done by the RPC API, unfortunately it doesn't. So can you give us any example?

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Hi there,

I guess what is meant is to have a feature in bOS, looking like a calendar, to create various schedule, editable by anyone.

I had something like that on my previous soft and it is truly handy.... You select your day, and start then to activate a program / scene "from" / "to" easily from this interface. I was even able to "create" simple custom program through the interface. It was in fact accessible to any dummies (like me :-) ).

@Dilight : please correct /amend the above statement if needed


you absolutely correct. i used the outlook calendar as an example. it exactly the way you mentioned,

is there any way to make it?



I agree with Fabien. The end user must be able to create his scenario and his calendar, without the help of system integrator