creating scenes by the client

DiLight-Smart Solution Ltd DiL 4 years ago in bOS Client updated by Noel Fuentes 4 years ago 3

we are looking for an option that the customer will be able to create a scenes by himself via the client. 

as far as we know there is no ability for the client to create full scene alone. there are some other applications that does enable the customer to create new scene, choose group address and decide what it should do. 

that wii be great to have such an option for the future roadmap.



What I usually do, is to create several scenes with generic names, and insert all the circuits of the installation on every scene. Or an easier step for you: create one scene with everything inside, and then create copies of that scene, with names like Scene 1, Scene 2, etc... Place them on the visualization, and you're done.

That way the customer can edit each scene and give them different names to the scenes.

I know it might be boring and time consuming, but that would work actually...

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Hi Ricardo,

we have been doing that for years. it has 2 problems:

1. we need to be involved every time the customer wants to create a new scene. even if we prepare him beforehand few, still if he wants more he needs our involvement.

2. if you have tens or 100 group addresses, it become to be for the customer very complicated to update it or make changes as he has long list....



I'm with Dilight. We've been doing it that way for several years too, but when you have a project with 80+ lights, 20+ blinds, 10+ HVAC zones, editing a scene can become really annoying for the user. I don't like it, but there is no other way right now.

Other KNX servers give the integrator an option to "mark" every node (light, blind, etc.) as "editable in a scene", so the users can add it to a scene of their own chosing. Same goes to calendars/schedules: the integrator can mark it as editable in a calendar/schedule. So the users can create any scene or schedule with any node they want (previously marked as editable, of course) just picking the nodes they need for that scene from a list with the marked ones.

This gives some freedom to the users to choose anything they want to be part of a scene or a schedule with no need to call the integrator at all.

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