Cyclical reloading configuration problem

Grzegorz Kulinski 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Paul G 3 years ago 2

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know what is going on? New beta versions are being withdrawn from ComfortClick homepage. At the moment, version 4.7.20 is available. My system, edited in 4.7.24, went crazy - server was reloading configuration every few minutes. I did a downgrade to 4.7.23, unfortunately it didn't help. Yesterday I updated my program using version 4.7.18 of BOS Configurator and uploading program edited in version 4.7.22. The program started working properly ... until today (28/09) by 7:41 local time UAE (GMT + 4). From then server started reloading configuration every few minutes.

Today, at 9:28 local time UAE (GMT + 4), I made another backup of the program (which, apart additional log entries from night time, doesn't differ from the previous day's version). I performed restore configuration from files recorded yesterday and today. And on yesterday's backup server is stable, while today's backup is still reloading!

At the moment, I left configuration from yesterday to restore correct operation of the system. However, I suspect that tomorrow morning it will start cyclic configuration reloading :/

Does anyone have similar problems / symptoms?



Im also testing the new beta 4.7.24, but my 3 buildings that are running on it right now have not reconnected.

Try to install it again from a backup - or do a clean install to bOS server and then restore from old backup.

I must say 4.7.24 for my projects feels a lot faster. With older betas i had out of memory errors and config would crash or use too much CPU while I was working on it.

guys, is there a way to set-up the reload of the building? Before it was automatic, now unless a reload is forced the changes do not get passed back from the server to the clients