Beta update 4.7.19 Button bug and slowing down

Jürgen Jürgenson 4 years ago in bOS Server 0


Yesterday we had reports that some of the buttons in the ventilation panel were not working. Turns out that some of them have changed the control type to lable after the server update. The template is my old vallox template that i made few years back, all the servers that are running on older version have it still set to toggle button. So it must have been the server update that changed it.

Good news is that i havent had any crashes with the latest betas,

Bad news is that i have to change the buttons control type for about 200+ apartments now. And adding a column or copying and pasting a node to it still takes up to a minute, so the server CPU load goes up to 30-50%. Making panels with a lot of nodes takes more time.

Just a FYI whoever is messing with the beta updates, that some changes may have happened to your configuration.

Best regards.