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Hardware for the license has changed

Ghita Laurentiu 4 years ago in General updated 4 years ago 3


Yesterday evening I have suddenly got this message when I have tried to log in my Colibri:

Image 2590

I have checked the configurator and here it is the screenshot:

Image 2589

By pressing the “report error” button is opening a blank webpage even if my computer is logged in the comfort click account.

Does anybody faced the same problem?


Found the problem! Still don't understand why is this affecting the license. Only yesterday I realized that COLIBRI has also an WI-FI interface. I was happy to discover that so I activate it thinking on a kind of redundancy: if one network communication fails, the other one is replacing it. Seems that this is not possible as this is what happened. Disabling the Wi-Fi everything came back to normal. I think this should somehow be in the installation manual. Or is there any possibility to have them both active and still have client access? What happens if LAN card fails? Do I have to ask for moving the license?

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switching from wired to wireless connection changes the hardware as well as it uses different part of the motherboard. Since license is hardware based, the hardware ID changes and this issue might occur.

You can use wired OR wireless connection.

If you want to use wired connection disable the wifi driver so no issues occur.

If you want to use wireless connection, unplug the Ethernet cable so the server doesn't switch to wired connection if wireless connection is lost and there shouldn't be any further issues.

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Thank you for your answer. Did not know about it.