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Custom ports in releases 4.5.X

Mattis Nilsson 4 years ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 1

Hi, I have a server running version 4.4.4 at custom ports 82 and 8443 and I want to upgrade this server to the new version of bOS but last time I did that I ran into problems with the custom ports. Is there any official way to change the ports?

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Hello Mr. Mattis,

do you get any message when you fail to update the server? Which server are you running? You can change ports by logging in to your router via default gateway address. Then you need to find port forwarding settings. You can also check our user manual (https://www.comfortclick.com/Files/BOS/Software/BOSServer/bOS%20Server%20-%20Manual.pdf).

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