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Marco Antonio Fernandes 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 1

Good afternoon.

We have two doubts regarding the graphic part of bOS, being:

1. Is there a possibility to change the granularity (spacing - interval) of the X axis [hours]?

Image 2560

2. When we execute the Export of the data inside the Configurator, we have the information: Data | Hour | Value; but when we export to the Client, using the button with the Excel symbol, is the data "strange"?

Image 2562

Image 2563

The problem is with the export to Excel button

Image 2564

Please, can someone help us?


Marco Fernandes


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our logs can only show values as you see; years, months, days and hours. Minute intervals are not possible at this point.

In the Configurator, exporting data will export the file in a .txt file, if you export the data using the Client application, the data will be exported in a .csv which you can import into your excel program and read the exported data. Client will export data that's currently available in the client's view, to get the full data, export it from bOS config.

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