Daikin BACnet

Jürgen Jürgenson 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Andy Gill 4 years ago 7


First time messing with daikin bacnet controller, and im wondering why i cant see any datapoints under the Daikin master.

With the daikin setup tool i can control and see the AC units, I've tuned off firewalls etc. Tried to turnin COV to Global and local doesn't help.

Image 2525

Daikin also has a data point creation excel file, but as i cant manually add any datapoints to bOS BACnet i dont know what to do with that CSV output file i get from that.

Image 2524

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Hi Jurgen,

Have you checked with a tool like YABE that the points can be seen? Not everything is being picked up by the BOS Bacnet driver yet.




Yep other BACnet explorers can see the points and can control them. 

But bOS support is already working on it, so hopefully bOS will see those data points too soon.

Yes I have similar issues on a few different BACnet devices.


Support got it working yesterday, at least i can now see and control daikin's BACnet points. 

excellent was that through a new Beta release or settings?

Alpha release 4.7.4. And i must say it feels faster than 4.7.0, copying and changing names does not make the configurator "hang". Ive noticed that when i made a lot of changes the configurator goes slower by every change i make. Guy who's setting that project up right now said the same thing that it feels faster. So that's nice too.

Oh that sounds great, and totally concur the configurator on a lot of recent work grinds to an almost stop,  I'll email them now and see if I can get a look.