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bOS configurator stops working whenever i change a value on a Variable.

Manuel Dias Dias 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 2

I have been evaluating your solution on my PC , where i have installed your server , and after watching a few videos i add two modbus devices to my project. The problem is whenever i try to change a variable value for simulation at bOS configurator the application stops working and it looses the connection to the local server.

Is this a common problem ?




The problem, was related to a Program task that was generating " cyclical errors ". This is my understanding  because after deleting the Program task everything was running  normal again.  I used the  Calculation to solve my task instead of  the Program.

Basically i wanted to scale a value from a Modbus register.  



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if the issue occurs again, modbus Error Handling option can be changed as well. Select your modbus device in your configurator and switch Error handling from Reconnect to Hide/write to log, this won't disconnect bOS when response is not given at certain times.

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