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Change date-time format

Doctore Esparta 4 years ago in General updated by Lucas Paz 5 months ago 6


I need to be able to handle the format of the dates but I don't see anywhere how to do it nor do I see something similar in the forum.

I have to get the hour and minute of sunrise and sunset in label format hh:mm but the Sun application returns the value in the format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.

Has anyone managed to manage the time formats?

I would appreciate any suggestion.

Thank you

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currently displayed sunset/sunrise values are displayed a bit strange, correct. We'll include this in our next release to tidy up these values and hopefully display them in a normal matter like you mentioned: hours:minutes.

Best regards-

Thanks, I'll be waiting for updates

Hi, is it now live to change the time format?

Because i can`t find it.

This has not yet been resolved? It's probably a pretty trivial thing to do but we've been waiting for 4 years

In the Sun control it appears but there is no way to extract that independent data

Image 4775

But if you try to get it through Time it gives you this disastrous format

Image 4776


On bOS 4.10.4 version, the Sun values tab I only see the time value for sunrise and sunset. On what version do you get the full date?

Image 4777


Sorry for the delay in the response but I didn't get an email that there was a response.

Well, exactly the previous 4.9.40. Well, if that's the case, I'm grateful that it's been resolved. Although late is always better than never.

Now I update to 4.10 and see if it appears correct.

Thank you very much Jurgen