New protocole Velux IO Homecontrol and KLF 200

Sebastien Clivaz 4 years ago in General updated 3 years ago 5


In my country the brand Velux for roof window are more used  and at this time bOS not work with this system. 

Velux are developped a solution that is KLF 200 with an api https://www.velux.com/api/klf200

Can this interface be developed in a future update of bOS ?

Until they develop it, you can easily control up to 4 groups via inputs.

Actually I use another supevisor.

It's more simple, if you have 20 ou 30 velux motors is not a good solution in wire mode.


Have you some news about this development? 

The klf200 can work also with somfy


Have you tried to read the API documentation?

It uses a TCP/IP server listening at port 51200. The documentation is pretty clear, and probably it can be integrated on bOS using Http Basic driver.

So assuming that it might work with the Http Basic driver, probably ComfortClick will leave that for us to develop (that's the point of having the Http Basic driver and the Http driver), to leave the door opened for own developments from the users.

Any volunteer with the KLF 200?

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But the work for integration KLF200 is still important, not just read en write informations, but read and control the devices configured.

The IO Homecontrol is a smart home protocole very used in Europe for exemple:

Somfy- Hörmann - Velux - Honeywell and more...

A nativ integration some like Z-Wave or Modbus is most integrator friendly.

My others solution can get directly the information about the KLF 200 and drive the IO Homecontrol products. It's very simple.

At this time when I have the product IO Homecontrole,  I use another solution, but if I can use one solution is better and quickly integreted.

I hope ComfortClick develop this driver.

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