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Registration of Demo bOS server not responsive

Ross Kopp 4 years ago in bOS Server updated 4 years ago 5

after registering and downloading the bOS server software for windows, i login to the server using the default credentials and try to register the free version for testing. i click on the register button but nothing happens out of a new window opening up. 

is there an issue with registering the free server software version? 

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registration should work normally when Register button is pressed. Can you try again? You should be able to be transferred on our page where you can login and register your PC for the free license.

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i made a video of the installation that shows the steps taken to register. take a loo and let me know if this give you a bit of insight on why its not working.



Could you try to register it with the bOS configurator? 


like Jurgen mentioned in the previous comment, please try registering using the bOS configurator and check if the web page for registering will open normally. We'll try and re-create this issue as well.

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After installing the config software, i was able to register the system. there is no clear guidance on which needs to be registered first. you may need to update your instructions for the registration of the server component. below is a video showing the successful registration of the server and control center.