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502 Bad Gateway

Maciej Kapica 4 years ago in General updated 4 years ago 7


After update jigsaw z-wave died :( it get's IP but no connection is possible. BOS does not connect, direct IP in browser says 502 bad gateway. How to factory reset?


Try connecting to jigsaw over http using  BOS or web browser on port 81

Neither is working ;]

According to the manual:

Holding the reset button for 1 second will restart your Jigsaw

Holding the reset button for 5 seconds will reset the network settings to default DHCP

Holding the reset button for 10 seconds will reset your configuration

This is the first z-wave version (round) and there is no reset button ;]

any more suggestions? I can somehow connect via telnet (putty) but standard credentials don't work...

Ahhh, ok. Sorry, thought it was the current Jigsaw, with a Zwave dongle or something...

Probably you'll have to wait for someone from ComfortClick to reply.

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telnet connection is possible to connect to the device and try to resolve the problem, this connection is possible only via our support team. Please contact us at support@comfortclick.com and we'll try to fix this issue remotely.

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