Why does the same device with same settings give different resolt???

George Kakkaris 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 4 years ago 5

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Do you have the 1bit switching group address linked with the status of that light/switch in bOS? This may help you. Also what version are you using? I know that older versions had problems with statuses in Panels, then it would update the status on the main page but on the panel the statuses were not updated. This should be fixed now.

I have the latest version exept the beta....I tried the option in "Action on connected -> Read from Status address" but the problem still exists. I have the same problem with shutters in one page it's all ok but in other page shows me null% instead of position.


have you tried to reload the bOS server? See if that helps. I know that 4.4.4 version also "hangs" sometimes and does not updates statuses, reload usually helps. 

Also use the knx diagnostics to see if those statuses update as they should.

The light is on but in different frames it shows me a different status.
I try this https://support.comfortclick.com/knowledge-bases/1/articles/2-how-to-read-status-of-the-knx-group-addresses-on-bos-startup but i cannot run the task automatic when client starts.