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Controls on other theme not working

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 4 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 9

Hi all,

I was just testing some things (using an idea from Jürgen Jürgenson), and created an empty theme, to place some status, etc, to test it out on my tv browser, running on a raspberry pi with a script to open a direct web page, fullscreen).

I've created a different username, added the new theme to the user, and used the direct address without asking for login:

What happens is none of the controls actually work, or update...

I've noticed because one of the status is my instant power, and the value doesn't even move, it's stuck on the same value.

The same applies in every control of that theme. If I paste a light from the main theme, when I press the button it actually sends the on function, but it doesn't toggle, and it doesn't update the status.

Anyone knows what's going on? Using a Jigsaw btw

Best regards

Please note that I've tested the link on other browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, and it has the same behavior.

Changing the user privileges also doesn't change anything

Hi Ricardo,

I've just tested it on my side. No issue to report, every button and feedback values are correct and updating live. Running on a Grinder, with last Beta version.

However, interestingly, if I put the right user and pass data I get a blank screen. Leaving the user and pass with xxx, I get the login screen, and once logging in all is good...  Maybe something to test on your side to see if there is any difference (if possible).



Well, in my case, I have a main theme with my daily username and password.

What I wanted is to create a secondary theme, just with some minor controls and some cameras.

I've copied some of the controls from the main theme to the secondary one.

I can login directly on the webpage, on the secondary theme. But the controls on this secondary theme don't work or update.

Using version 4.6.26 (sorry, I'm not a fan of using beta versions).

Best regards

Added the new username on the bOS client, and the behaviour is the same, no control or updates...

Right !

I dig deeper as per your explanantion. I've created exactly the same condition, with a test user and test theme. The behaviour is the following:

Once logged, I can see the theme and status. While interacting from the web page, all seems to be reactive, and the bOS visu is updating too immediately.

Now, playing from the visu, nothing change on the web page unless refreshing it.... Therefore I confirm the above, the data are not updating by themselves when using a secondary theme (all good with the primary one). Bug or wanted behaviour ?



I can login, and see the theme. But no status, and no control...

If I press some lights, they turn on, but the status doesn't change, even if I refresh the browser.

The funny thing is that it sends 'on' to the lights, but doesn't turn off. And no status at all. Nothing changes.

Probably it's a bug. I'm running a Jigsaw, but I can test it out on another server (a Grinder from other costumer).

Everything's ok on my main theme, either by client app or browser. It only happens to me with a secondary theme.

Best regards

Hello again,

Inexplicably today, the secondary theme started working with control and status...

How? Don't know... Why? Don't know either...

Let's hope it doesn't happen again. Either way, if it happens, or if I find the relation, I'll post it again.

Best regards

Hi Ricardo,

Following your last post, I was wondering how my test user would be doing today, and guess what.... same here ! Not having done anything, not even restarted the server, all is now working as it should, and data/status are updating properly without refreshing the page....

No explanation neither; will just try again in a near futur to see if it still working or not anymore... Will see what kind of further test I could do to try to narrow down the reason behind.

All the best,

Under review


thank you both for reporting  this issue. We'll try to recreate the problem and see what may cause this problem and try to resolve it with our next update so this won't occur again.

Best regards.