Video door phone integration

Abdelaziz Elmarchoum 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 4 years ago 5

My client wants to display the videophone on their smart TV when someone rings the door and be able to answer and control the door.
The videophone is of the doorbird brand, the smart tv is of the samsung brand.
is this functionality achievable by your system?
Thank you for your reply.

I think you need to look at the smart TV's app store to see if it supports it. i doubt it though. Comfortclick cant help You with that.

Maybe it is possible if the TV's web browser supports html5  https://www.doorbird.com/widget



I'll share my opinion, and it is what it is, just my honest opinion:

I own a relatively recent Samsung TV. Is does have an internet browser, but my experience with it is awful. It's a pain in the *ss, to open the browser, move around the mouse pointer with the remote, look for the favorites bar, click, move around again, click, wait to open, and enjoy an awful navigation experience.

A few months ago, I was tired of the internet browser. So I dug the internet, searched for Tizen OS SDK, and found out that everyone with minimum skills would be able to develop apps for the Tizen, either in Java or web apps. Btw, yes it does support HTML5 (my prototypes even used JavaScript and Bootstrap framework). I don't know if it supports microphone usage on the apps.

That's how I started to develop my own prototypes. You can actually develop web apps and intercept the remote actions to do stuff on your app.

I know it's time consuming to develop something, especially when you start off with some prototypes first, but if you need DoorBird integration, even if it's just image streaming and to be able to open the relay, my approach would be develop a prototype to pull the image and interact with the relay, plain an simple.

I actually developed something very similar a few years ago, but I can't say if it's possible to use the remote microphone in developed apps. Unfortunately due to time restrictions, I stopped developing prototypes. But, in a very near future I'm planning to buy a DoorBird, and probably I will return to Tizen SDK again.

You can also try to integrate DoorBird on bOS (as it's available on the examples page), and then try to open that visualization on the TV. Test it out first, and see if the experience fits your needs. If it doesn't, Tizen SDK is the way, at least to develop something simple and usable.

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I can say the same for LG smart TV's. I wanted to display bOS on its browser and it kept refreshing the webpage after that it would log you out and it wouldn't save the login info, so every-time it refreshed you needed to login again and again. Finally we made it so it gets the info from the hdmi directly from the server.

Somewhere in the Doorbirds manual it said too that there is no sound yet for the HTML5 as its not secure yet or smth. So even if you get it working its just a video feed with a option to open the door.

So in this case, you have the client app opened on the server, and the image goes to HDMI. Well, it's a working workaround, even if you don't interact with it (you could use a network KVM, or a wireless mouse if the server is very near the mouse).

On one of my prototypes, if someone would ring the doorbell, I could open the app to visualize who's there, and decide if I wanted to go to the door or not. So it was actually a web app, encapsulated on the Tizen SDK.

So if it's someone you know, then you can open the relay. If not, you need to get up or use the smartphone app to talk.

As for the no-sound, image streaming and relay control is better than nothing.

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