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access control integration

Alexander Paredes 4 years ago in General updated 4 years ago 2

Hi, are you planing to add access control system integration in the future?

with this type of integration you can achieve for example:

monitor a door status, open a door remotly in case of emergency, open door for evacuation purpouse using Zwave wireless smoke sensor, etc

will be something great to ADD

SDK of the most used access control system are free for example



Under review


in our future releases, we're planning on adding improvements to bOS with additional tasks and features also with access control, at this point the access control you listed were not planned for integration because there no demand for it and they're not standardised, we would consider standardised ones first (e.g. KNX access control).

So far we received from our clients integration of KNX access control.

Bes regards.

Thats Great, just to let you know this are the most used access control in latin america. (brands like Lenel, RBH,Suprema, Zkteco, Rosslare are the most used in North and latin America).