Can add netmask for local net?

A. R. 4 years ago in bOS Server updated 4 years ago 7

Hello, cant get working local on large networks, where comfortclick server not in /24 net-mask.


Are you sure about that?

Printscreen of my ComfortClick server... this is a Jigsaw.

Another printscreen, from a Grinder...

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yes, but server example is

android or ipad ip is .

Client not trying connect local address, automatically using public address.


Let's assume that you have like, /23 subnet? That gives you 512 addresses (512 addresses, 510 hosts).

If your network is configured correctly, then the Wifi is also on the same subnet right?

Without knowing your network, it's difficult to try to find what's wrong.

But assuming that bOS Server and Wifi network are both correctly configured on /23 subnet, the hosts should see each other.

Can you tell us a little more about how is your network?

If you connect a laptop over Wifi (assuming it will get a 10.0.1.x address), can you ping the server on

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wifi not in same subnet as server. there is multi buildings connected by vpn with routers.

Sure i can ping, access from phone or notebook to server (to all net) by local address.

There no parameter in client config, how client software decide use local or public address ?

I think that when the client tries to connect, it first checks if the local address is available, and if it's not available it tries the external IP address.

Are you using Access ID or manual connection?

Can you try to put in manual connection, and on local address and public address place on both? Just to check if it actually connects

If im enter both local addresses then client can connect.

I think client don't tries use local, if ip not from same subnet.Working if server and client same subnet only.