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Missing seconds: Operating time; Timers; etc...

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 4 years ago in General updated 4 years ago 7


After trying do find a specific way to do some calculation, second based, I've noticed a serious bug on every function which runs any kind of timer, like Operating time, Timers, etc.

Thos functions are actually missing 5s in each minute.

So I can't do any calculation with real precision.

bOS team, please check this issue please.


Under review

Hello Ricardo,

can you provide an example for this issue?

Best regards.


Well, I don't have a specific example. On another post, I was discussing with Fabien Fuster a way to do some calculations every seconds, for testing some function.

As the TimeOfDay only provides hour and minutes, I had to use another node, like Timer or Operating Time.

Once I was checking the timer lapse on the values tab, I've noticed that some seconds were jumped, so I stopped and looked again.

That's how I found that the timers (and every node related with seconds) were missing 5 seconds each minute. The funny thing is that the seconds missing are always different, like 7, 18, 31, 45, 56, and then on the next minute they are completely different.

To compare, I've used a chrono timer from my watch, and at the end of the 60 seconds, bOS timer is still 5 seconds behind.

I've tested this on my Jigsaw. I can test on at least 3 Grinder's if you want.

By the way, you could implement the seconds on the TimeOfDay node... :)

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i'm having issues recreating this issue. I've made a couple of calculations according to operating time, started the timer after button is pressed, after 60s 120s, timer shows correct time and calculation result is also correct. Could you send us the example or the tasks you created to measure these settings and calculations? Maybe video could help as well.

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This are two videos, recorded from my configurator, on top of a Jigsaw. Today I'm missing 4 seconds on the timers, so I really don't know the relation.

1 minute video: seconds missing
56, 41, 27, 15

2 minute video: seconds missing
1:48, 1:35, 1:21, 1:07
0:54 0:41: 0:27 0:13

1 Minute video

2 Minute video

Well, there's something really strange going on here...

I've used a Stopwatch today, and started both timers at the same time...

It really shows some seconds jump on bOS, but the fact is that at the end of the time, both bOS and stopwatch are equal...

On bOS some seconds are missing, and the "tick" looked on time, so if some seconds missing, the end time should be different on the stop watch. Whaaaat?!

In my head, 4 or 5s missing per minute, would lead to a different excepted result on any seconds calculation based...

Kind of embarrassed now :S :S :S


I was also looking at the time and counting seconds and also noticed that it's skipping seconds now and then... but at the end the time was the same as the stop watch :) also checking the logs, every second was there (even the ones that weren't showing). Not quite sure why it's skipping seconds when you look at the timer though.. still strange. 

Best regards.


Really weird situation...

The timers, were actually used for trying to find a way to calculate consumption coming from a kW value (not kWh).

Would you try to help us out?

The topic is: https://support.comfortclick.com/communities/4/topics/3793-counter-log-help-with-kwh-calculation

I have a KNX module which spits out a realtime kW power consumption. The module has internal calculation, but it looks it's not working properly, so I wanted to use the kW value on bOS and let it calculate the consumption somehow. But the Counter Log is not giving the expected results.

So any help would be great.