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Hello everyone. The customer has a need to make accounts the number of pulses of the water meter to calculate the consumption by individual. As for the logic, everything is ready and working, but the problem is in the data extraction format, and I have not found a way to store the data in a report, so that it is exported and thus the customer will calculate the consumption of each house. Is this possible? I tried to store the result of the calculation in a Counter Log, but it doesn't work as expected.

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I found a similar question, but the response link reports an error.

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Looks like we are in a same boat. I'm right now exporting my meter values with a program that collects the values and scheduler sends them out at every month.

I'll paste a pic as how im doing it right now. Maybe this is good enough for you. Basically you should be able to log the values and send them out as is.

I'm waiting for automatic file export that i could program myself similarly as im doing it now.

Output will be something like this:

Water and heating readings as of '2/11/2019 3:46:00 PM'

ID Serial Meter Value Unit

Apartment16 5667313 Electricity T1 8 kWh
Apartment16 5667313 Electricity T2 123.904 KWh
Apartment16 18388497 Warm water 0.056 m3
Apartment16 18388094 Cold water 0.186 m3
Apartment16 67277620 Heating 3,217 MWh


Hey, Jürgen.

Thank you a lot for your attention, but I think that the customer expects a more elaborate report. But, anyway, thakns.