Fix graphs Y axis

Kristián Vojčík 4 years ago in bOS Client updated by Paul G 4 years ago 2

Hello. I have got few complain from users that graphs looks so different from each other in way that some have lets say 1 °C of resolution and some has 0.000001 °C of resolution. So my question is about if ti is possible to set fix "prescale" to Y axis to stop it from autoadjust which is great in some case. Thanks. 


Honestly I've never noticed that 😂 

But I think it would be nice, to be able to fix the maximum Y size... I think it's probably very useful, now that you talk about it. Nice one.

Hopefully CC team will note down the idea.

Best regards

Yes, specially when you have several graphs line up on a frame and the scale of each is different, making them look odd and difficult to understand at first glance. You might think the bathroom is waiting tons of liters but actually not, just because its graph scale does not follow the total count on the home. Needs fixing.