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Log to file from bOS server

Fredrik Sandblom 4 years ago in bOS Server updated 4 years ago 2

Is there anyway to log/monitor events from server to a file? It is possible via bOS Config but want to be able to log 24/7 without having the client running.

In situations when things don't work as expected this would be really helpful. This would also reduce the risk that bOS Config dies and a day of logging will not be there.

Under review


all events from the server (server info and client info) can be extracted using bOS config, log and using the Export button. the logs are exported as a .txt file. Currently these extracts need to be exported manually, but we're planning on adding a automatic log extract in our future releases.

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Yes, that is partly true. Devices, Admin and Users but if you need the Monitor / Debug log you need to record events and if bOS config dies then you need to re-enable record. Debug and Monitor would be logs that would be really handy to have when there are some problems that needs to be investigated. This could be a configurable log with number of days saved and so like log rotating.

Sounds great that the automatic log is planned. Hope this also will include the monitor feature and also be able to save a couple of days logs without trust the client and record feature.