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Adding objects in scenes

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 5

Hello everyone,

Is it just me, or does inserting objects in scenes can become a nightmare???

When creating a scene on bOS, and inserting objects on the configurator, it gets slower depending on how many objects you insert.


If you create a scene with just a couple of objects that's ok. But if you try to add like 20, 40 objects, the more you insert, the more the software freezes and you need to wait several seconds before adding a new object.

Right now I have a scene with 26 objects. If I add a new one, it lets me choose the object, the software freezes, and it took at least 16s until I was able to click the Add button again...

This happens to me all the time, when creating long scenes. The more objects you insert, the slower in gets.

Heeeeeeeelp! I'm almost cutting my wrists...

Update 1:

With 42 objects inserted, is now taking almost 22s to let me Add another object...

It happens in Grinder, Jigsaw, even on a local configurator demo.

And also if you try to edit any of the objects inside the scene, it also takes some time to update. Like changing a text, etc...

And if you copy the scenes objects from top to the bottom, and past inside another scene, they get from bottom to the top order... shouldn't they save the position when copy paste from one side to another?

Needless to say that moving, deleting, etc, is also taking ages...

Best regards

Update 2:

When creating a scene and inserting the objects, the order in configurator will be the same order that will show in the client apps. And that's perfect.

The problem with the latency between changes on the configurator, can make massive "damages" to the order.

Example: I had a bunch of objects on a scene, and I was editing the texts on the objects, which obvious is taking time. With the frustration, I accidentally pressed the "Display Name" bar, and boooooooom everything was messed up because of the alphabet order. Now you understand what will take to place everything in the right place (please note that moving a simple object up or down can take several seconds, before you can move another one).

I've noticed all this problems when having scenes with a bunch of objects. Probably it can happen in another sort of functions, haven't tested...

Please take some time to watch this issue. Thanks.

Best regards


Hi Ricardo,

This is something I've been experiencing since several updates ago. This is something I've posted a while ago pointing some issues I've experienced with some updates.

[edit] Looking for older posts, it's been happening since update 4.5.0

It happens even with the server on the same LAN of the Configurator. Only editing scenes on the server computer (i.e. Remote Desktop) makes it easier.

For now, if Remote Desktop is not available, what I do is editing the scene with my laptop and then, export/import it. Otherwise, as you said, it becomes a nightmare...

Best regards,

Hi guys,

I do confirm. since 4.5.0, it is exactly as explained by Noel.... same here.

Under review


thank you for reporting this issue. We'll look into our scenes/schedules and other tasks with a large amount of devices and try to resolve this delay/lag in the software. 

Possible workaround for now would be to break down this large scene into smaller ones (maybe per room..) to reduce the delay with multiple devices.

Best regards.