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App Comfort Click for Apple

Giordano Olmi 8 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 8 years ago 5

Goodmorning everyone,

using an Apple iPad 2, the app Comfort Clik always active, after a short time goes kras.
If you use a brouser such as Safari, Chrome, ...... I have no problems.
Others have the same problem?
Can it be solved?
Regards, Giordano
Under review


which bOS app are you using? bOS Client, Phone? Which version of bOS and IOS are you using? How long does it take for the app to disconnect, if it does? Can you provide with any screenshot? All of these information will help us further investigate your problem and will help us solve it so any additional information would be appreciated.

Best regards


I use app bOS Client

I doesn't use bOS Client, Phone

I use the BOS version Client version 4.2

I use the IOS version 9.3.5

the app will stop after 2/3 hours



Regards, Giordano

you have an answer?


we are testing your problem, hopefully we resolve this soon.



we weren't able to recreate your problem on iOS 10. You can try to remove the bOS client and reinstall it again.