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App reloading everytime it's opened in iOS 13

Noel Fuentes 5 years ago in bOS Client updated 5 years ago 3

Hello everyone,

One of our clients is reporting us that everytime he opens the app, it reloads the configuration . He noticed it since he updated iOS to version 13. The option "Background app refresh" in settings is enabled.

I've updated mi iPhone to the latest version and this is not happening to me, that's why I'm asking here, in case someone had noticed that too.

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Update from our client:

Sometimes, the app is in the main menu, so he has to click on the server's name in order to load the configuration again. Sometimes the server's name is gone and he has to fill the fields with the server configuration (ID, user and pass).

They have several iPads always in the LAN and this happens to them aswell. In their smartphones happens too, whether they're in the LAN or not.

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by reloading the configuration, could you provide additional info regarding this? Are they able to use the app at all? Is it constantly reconnecting? Did you try the basics, adding the server again with Add button, also removing the device from Users list and connect again so the token refreshes?

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It seems to happen when the phone/tablet is in stadnby mode for a while. When they try to open the app again, the configuration reloads.

I've just deleted all the devices now as you suggest. I've also updated the server to the latest version (they had version 4.6.20).

I'll let you know how it went.


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