What is necessary for instalation in the building?

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What devices are required in order for bOS to for properly in a hotel?



bOS is actually a brain/central unit for any smart building. Therefore, it needs to have any automation base underneath, like KNX products, Zwave etc, anything that can be controlled with bOS.

As for the bOS itself, you have software and hardware versions.

Hardware based, need a KNX/IP interface or KNX/IP router. The Jigsaw version has direct KNX bus coupling unit. And there's also the touch panels versions.

The question is, what do you mean by "what devices are required in order for bOS to work properly in a hotel". bOS works with several protocols. https://www.comfortclick.com/BOS

If you mean a new hotel from scratch, I'd say to use KNX for controlling lights, shutters, etc. HVAC integration depends on what manufacturer you'll be using. Etc...

For an existing Hotel, it really depends on the existing technology available, if any...

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