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Артём Хииску 11 months ago in bOS Configurator updated by Flávio Sanches (ComfortClick) 10 months ago 5


Could you please add digital clock in next update? For now it is possible to create something, that is looking like digital clock, but if we choose 

1.TimeOfDay, then it shows h/min/sec, but seconds aren't updating and we can't delete them from function (for example, time is 11:09, function shows us 11:09:00, seconds aren't updating).

2. Separately Hours(int) and Minutes(int), then it doesn't show us 0 before number ( for example, time is 11:09 , but bOS shows us 11:9 or 03:55 it shows 3:55).

There is a screenshot for you.

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Hello, could you please upload this example to ComfortClick's library?




I have uploaded it with name Digital clock at https://www.comfortclick.com/BOS/Library/Tasks/77

Thank you.

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Thanks for the example Артём Хииску

Please note, that in the provided example downloaded, the String value for the ":" is actually empty.

So if anyone finds weird the missing ":" on the clock, please go the String ":", open the Values tab, and on the Value insert : manually. If possible, bOS team can change the example and update the download file.

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Hello Ricardo,

tks for the comment. Strings value are set to the default once you import the example, so I have updated the logic in it so now it will automatically set the String to ":".

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