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Search in bOS

Артём Хииску 5 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Tanel Matsi 2 years ago 3


It would be good, if you add search in bOS, for example:

1. I have a big project with many of KNX devices and for connecting them with Themes I need to scroll down or up a lot. You can create SEARCH for example in Value.

2. I have KNX in my devices, but I dont remember in which folder I have created ventilation functions and for example it will be really good to have a SEARCH in main menu.


Under review


search button could indeed help many users with big configurations. We'll see what we could do regarding this integration into bOS. In the mean time, if the device is in your theme and you want to find it under your devices, you can double click on the button in the theme and use "Open Node" function and bOS will navigate and find the address under your devices.

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Also, search function is needed for Logs, user tab and admin.

Search is impartant also in configurator or client login screen. I have lot of projects and scrolling and looking for specific one is difficult because nobody understands the logic behind sorting the projects. It is not alphabetical, it is not according to last used. Sometimes the project is in the top of the list, sometimes in the bottom and sometimes in the middle