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Enabled or Disabled Control

Juan Morales 5 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 5 years ago 7


In a previous version, a control could be put into active or non-active. In this most recent version, I can't find this setting.

Can somebody help me???

Thank you.

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do you mean enabled/disabled option for tasks? If so, you can find enabled - True/false option under Values tab.

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Hello again.

I think I have not explained well. I have a control for changing hvac mode, and another for the setpoint. The control for the setpoint can only be manipulated when the mode control is in Comfort. Through a program, before, you could enable or disable setpoint control using the properties panel.

In the values tab, I can only enable or disable the program.

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for a better understanding, could you please make a print screen of what exactly do you mean regarding mode change?

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The goal is to disable control.

- One: Mode control is in comfort. The change in the setpoint is 0, and the setpoint is 21.

- Two: We change the setpoint to +1, and the setpoint is set to 22.

- Three: We switch to Standby Mode. The setpoint is 26.

- Four: We return with the setpoint change, to 0. When the setpoint change program is disabled, we continue to 26.

- Five. Comfort mode again. The setpoint change is 0, but the setpoint is 22, there is 21 as it should be.

What I want to do is that when the mode is not Comfort, the setpoint change cannot be manipulated.

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A clarification. This should be done, because it is a KNX device that can only change the setpoint in Comfort mode.

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Which KNX device are you using? We cannot do this directly in the bos themes, there is a workaround with program task. Best thing would be to schedule a teamviewer session some time this week so we can try to resolve this.

Please contact us for the session on support@comfortclick.com 

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Solved !!!

I have created a new panel, to which I have changed the property "Hidden" to "True". In the panel I have set the control of setpoint change. In the previous panel I have put a button, which works with a program to go to the new panel, only if the mode is in "comfort".

Thanks for the help!!!

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