Thank you for usring Freee bos.To remove this message please buy the license.

Mick 5 years ago in bOS Client updated 5 years ago 3

Guys, I'm new to Comfort click and so I try it out to see if it can replace my existing Vera systems. I am the only one using the system yet it would appear I have exceeded the 1 license . I have rebooted, restarted the server... I am unable to log into my single client. I'm running Windows 10.  I'm probably doing something stupid but I'm stuck. Help!

Hello Mick.

As described on our page:
"We like to be as transparent as possible and give you the possibility to make sure bOS is the right product for you before buying. You can try bOS FREE of charge for 30 days. Only then if you’re satisfied you can decide to buy the bOS PRO License or one of our servers."

Looks like you have exceeded these 30 days, so if you decide to keep enjoying ComfortClick bOS, please request a quote for one of our servers HERE or for bOS PRO License HERE.

Thank you for using bOS!

Thats a shame because I only started actually running the software a few days ago. Unless you can extend this it's all over I guess.

Sorry.. rebuilt the system and it's working now.